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How to Stay Compliant with Singapore Tax Laws and Legally Minimize Your Tax Liability … Singapore Taxation Services from Director Plus Pte Ltd

Keeping up with your tax liability can be daunting and complex. At Director Plus Pte Ltd, we provide tax and related accounting services so you stay compliant…and legally minimize your tax liability

Director Plus Pte Ltd has over 25 years of experience helping companies stay compliant with Singapore tax laws. We provide taxation services for Singapore companies and overseas companies operating in Singapore and overseas.

In Singapore, tax laws dictate you must submit Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) within 3 months of the end of the financial year. The ECI return discloses total revenue for the year plus the Estimated Chargeable income. The tax authority raises an estimated Tax Assessment based on the ECI figure. Companies must pay this amount within one month OR submit an objection. The objection must clearly state the reason for the objection.

At Director Plus Pte Ltd, we can provide full tax services. We can:

  • Analyse your accounts then prepare the necessary forms.
  • Look through your income and expenses to prepare an accurate ECI.
  • File all the forms before deadlines.
  • Closely assess the amount the government believes you owe.
  • Prepare an objection, if necessary, then work with the Singapore Tax Authority to minimize your legal tax liability.

Throughout the year, we also provide tax advice so you are fully prepared when it’s time to file your forms. We provide Singapore Tax services to company owners, entrepreneurs , and others involved with accounting procedures. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our tax specialists, click here now or call (+65) 6336 1360 to speak with an associate.

8 Reasons Companies Choose Director Plus Pte Ltd for Tax Services

  • Over 25 years of successful experience helping Singapore companies.
  • Fully-qualified accountants.
  • Staff who make the tax process easy.
  • We help you stay compliant with all Singapore tax laws. This means you can avoid Tax Authority fines and penalties.
  • Our goal is to minimize your tax liability – legally.
  • Year-round support and expertise so there are no surprises at the end of the tax year.
  • Sensible fees – starting at just SGD750.
  • Fast and thorough communication.
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