Based in Singapore, Director Plus Pte Ltd Provides the Following Services to Companies and Business Owners:

By providing these services, we can help you benefit from conducting business in Singapore. We can also help you remain totally compliant with corporate and taxation laws in Singapore.

The Business Director of Director Plus Pte Ltd is Sim Mong Chai. Mr. Sim has 25 years of experience helping companies remain compliant in Singapore. A team of experienced professionals will help you save money and remain compliant. This team can also help you stay abreast of any changes in Singapore corporate and taxation laws.

For a free initial consultation, contact us here or call (+65) 6336 1360.

10 Reasons People Choose Director Plus Pte Ltd

  1. Fast service with less paperwork. Many services provided within 2 hours.
  2. 25 years of experience providing corporate and taxation services.
  3. Singapore provides companies and individuals with political stability and a low tax rate. Legally minimize your tax liability.
  4. Our experts can show you how to save on reduce expenses.
  5. You can remain fully compliant with Singapore laws relating to your business.
  6. Thousands of companies trust and use our services.
  7. No need to relocate to Singapore or get a work pass visa.
  8. Outstanding and responsive client service – we reply to emails and calls within 1 business day.
  9. The lowest rates currently available for most services.
  10. Free initial consultation.

For the free initial consultation, simply contact us here or call (+65) 6336 1360. There is no obligation to secure our services and your information remains totally confidential.