An Important Message If You Need Singapore Nominee Director Services

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Secure Nominee Director Services in Singapore … and Benefit from Singapore’s Low Corporate Tax Rates

Based in Singapore, Director Plus Pte Ltd provides Nominee Director Services for foreign-owned companies who want to conduct business in Singapore.

Singapore Companies Act provides strict guidelines when it comes to the registration of a foreign-based or foreign-owned company. Unless the director of the company has the legal right to work in Singapore, or is a Singapore national, a foreign-based or foreign-owned company must have a local director who is a Singapore national.

In order for a foreign Companies to be fully compliant with the Singapore Company Act, the company will need a Local Nominee Director … unless the director of the company is a Singapore national or can legally work in Singapore.

Through the Nominee Director Services program from Director Plus Pte Ltd, a Singapore native serves as an official director of your company. Director Plus Pte Ltd provides a wide range of accounting, tax planning, business, and compliance services including Nominee Director Services.

The Business Director of Director Plus Pte Ltd is Sim Mong Chai who has 25 years of experience running companies in Singapore. Sim and his staff of experienced compliance experts can ensure you follow important guidelines as they relate to the Singapore Companies Act.

Companies that fail to comply with the Singapore Company Act can face severe penalties – including fines and the cessation of business operations.

The experts at Director Plus will also keep you abreast of any changes in the Singapore Companies Act … so you can always be fully compliant. And Mr. Sim and his associates can provide answers to Singapore business practices including GST, Labour Law, Taxation, and Pension Fund Law.

As a client of Director Plus, you will receive a fast response to phone and email questions … usually within 1 business day.

And Director Plus Provides These Important Benefits …

At Director Plus, we aim to provide the fastest and easiest Nominee Director Services … saving you valuable time.

In many cases, you can significantly reduce your tax liability by registering your company in Singapore. During the initial consultation, we can show you how to achieve these potential tax savings.

For the free initial consultation, contact us here or call (+65) 6336 1360.

Here’s why companies register in Singapore and choose Nominee Director Services from Director Plus.

  • Fast and easy registration – commence business usually within 2 hours.
  • 25 years of experience with Nominee Director Services and related services … so you can rest assured we will handle your registration correctly.
  • Singapore provides political stability and a low tax rate.
  • Our experts can show you how to save on corporate tax.
  • Remain fully compliant with Singapore laws.
  • Thousands of companies trust and use our services.
  • No need to relocate to Singapore or apply for a work pass visa.
  • Responsive client service – we reply to emails and calls within 1 business day.

We can help you gather all the necessary documents so you can begin the process. Simply contact us here or call (+65) 6336 1360 to get started now … so you can set up a business in Singapore.

Please note we cannot provide Nominee Director Services to high-risk companies, companies with a poor reputation, or companies involved in illegal activities.

Our Nominee Director Services package provides you with:

  • Nominee Director registration with annual renewal
  • Company Incorporation
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Office Address Registration

All the services you need to operate a business in Singapore … and remain legally compliant.

Trust a Company with Extensive Experience in this Field

Based in Singapore, Director Plus Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading accounting firm for comprehensive corporate services. We have provided a wide range of vital services to small and medium businesses, publicly listed companies, plus group companies doing business in the Singapore region.

The company’s founder, Sims Mong Chai is an established and experienced Singapore-based accountant. Mr. Sim began his career at Sime Darby Group, where he provided services to a wide variety of industries. He was later General Manager of Finance at Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide, handling accounting, HR, IT, and industrial relations.

Associates at Director Plus Pte Ltd are experienced professionals in the field of corporate financial services.

Let’s Get Started

The first step is a free consultation with our experts. During this consultation, we can identify your needs and provide a plan … so you remain compliant and take full advantage of Singapore’s low corporate tax rates.

Discover how we can get started with a confidential free consultation. Simply contact us here or call (+65) 6336 1360.

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